Submitted by geewiz on Tue, 04/23/2013 - 18:00

Hello all, I am a very concerned grandprarent, as of a couple of weeks ago my granddaughters are split between their parents 3 to 4 days to dad then 3 to 4 days to mom they are not divorced yet, we live in Florida. The girls are not happy going to where they feel unwanted, the live-in girl friend does not have custody of her only child and really does not keep it a secret that she does not want them around.

The problem is that until now he really had no time for them, he did not even know what schools they attend, he never calls them or particapates with their activities. Today  I learned he is only interested now due to a new law that may be passed ????? that will reduce his child support payment. 

Does anyone have experience with this new law, how can I help my granddaughters?

Thanks to any and all who read this I do appreciate your time