Submitted by Rschenkel on Sat, 10/01/2011 - 18:12

I just received a court order to Freeze my assesets because of a $1000 arrears.  HOWEVER in August 2011 Lehigh County and I along with my X and MY attorny agreed with Lehigh County for me to pay $500 per month until paid in full.   It also stated I had until the end of each month to make the montyly payment.  I have kept my end of the deal however Lehigh County has not.   When I call all they say is the state of Pa. did it....then I call the State of Pa. and they state that Lehigh County did it...I tend to believe the State as everything was on Lehigh county letterhead.   They have frozen my accounts including credit cards....I did drain my bank account before it was hit.   This has caused me to accrue over $1000 in bank fees, late rent etc.   I did pay off the arrears but it could take weeks before the state of Lehigh County notifies the bank.   Lehigh County is in complete violation of our agreement and renegged on the agreement.   I am contemplating a lawsuit.   How can I have this reversed and sue the county for unlawful freezing of my assets?