Fraud, Forgery and Perjury

Submitted by Gyp on Thu, 11/13/2014 - 20:46

My son was born in 1999 in 2000 I found out his mother was cheating on me and asked her to leave. I visited my son on weekends and paid support in cash to his mother. In 2001 she asked me to stop visting my son and the reason was that his therapist said it was too much of an emotional strain on him every time I left. In 2003 my grandfather passed on and I received a little money and she found out, she immediately asked me to visit my son and to increase child support. I started seeing my son regulary again. In 2004 she complained about her living arrangements and that my son wouldn't have his own bedroom, she lived with her grandparents and younger sister in a 2 bedroom home. I made arrangements with her grandfather to fund the building of an extension on their home so my son would have his own room. A few months after I wrote the grandfather a check, my son's mother married a man and she and my son moved in with her new husband. The grandfather asked me what I wanted to do with the money and I like a fool put trust in this man and told him to save it for my son, as my son would need it one day.

In 2006 my son's mother told me one day when I was dropping my son off at her place that she took a few thousand out of my son's money for liposuction and that she would replace it. I contacted a lawyer and asked for advice, of course I got the third degree for not getting the money back immediately after she married. My son's mother asked me for an increase in child support because she and her husband couldn't afford their bills (they had a child of their own together now) and I told her that we were going to court. I called her grandfather and asked him to return the money and his response to me was that he was going to hire a lawyer with my son's money to fight me in court.

In 2008 their attorney contacted me directly and told me that the $50,000 would be put towards my son's child support and that he is taken care of until he is 18, at which time he can request more child support if he continues his education. Then they turned in a fake accounting of what they did with some of my son's funds. They managed to scam $28,000 out of the $50,000. This left $21,000 for my son's child support. That ran out in Dec 2013. Jan 2014 I was summoned to court and requested to start paying $90 a week in support, which I was paying $150+ a week prior to her telling me she stole money for liposuction.

I lost my job in Oct 2013 and no reason was given. My unemployment was barely covering my mortgage and ultities. Now I am in arrears by 5,900. I should not owe a thing and they are getting away with fraud.

How do I fight this and get justice with no money? I work but it's barely enough to pay my bills, I don't have a full time job.

How do we stop this from happening to another father? I haven't seen my son since 2006.

There's so much more drama to my story that it is ridiculous. I just want to live a quiet life and this woman just won't leave me alone.

She needs to be prosecuted and so does her grandfather. This was not $100 or $5000, this was $28,000. The judge in Atlantic County pretty much just laughed at me and shooed me away.


What can I do?