Foster Parent/child rights

Submitted by EBONY on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 08:56

My neice(foster neice) is currently living with me in Virginia. Her biological mother lives in Phila. My sister was her foster mother from the time she was three days old until the age of three when her mother supposedly got herself together and the agency or state whomever returned my neice to her. My neice is now thirteen yrs. old and has continously visited with us since she returned to live with her bio. mother. Recently, her bio mother called my sister and said that she no longer wanted to care for my neice and wanted her to live with us. We traveled to Phila. to get her and she has been with us for a couple of months now. The bio. mother finally called her (no word from her in the couple of months we had her) and asked her if she wanted to stay. My neice replied yes. Her bio mother told her that she has decided to send her away to a boarding school in an entirely different state from the both of us and that there was nothing she or my sister could do about it. Is this true?? How can this be especially after she promised to give custody to my sister? They even went to court to exchange custody but in Phila, they said the child had to have resided with us for at least six months so they were unable to do it at that time. I there anything we can do to prevent her from tsaking my neice away from us for the second time, especially when she dosen't want to go!!!