Fathers rights

Submitted by Vinman on Fri, 05/18/2012 - 20:29

      I have a 20mth old son. I have a wife who is incarserated. Children an Youth say that the judge is going to want me to make a decision soon about my rights do to the fact my son has been in Kinship Care under the care of my parents to long. Children and Youth say that I need to hand over my rights to my parents or they are going to take them from me. I do trust my parents and it is true that I can't create stability for my child at this time. But my wife has told me that once I sign over my rights I will never get them back. So my questionsis as follows. 1. If I sign over my rights trusting my parents, no matter how hard it mat be, will I still be able to obtain custody of my son in the future? Will I be able to get my rights back?