ex wife is wealthy do i have to pay child support

Submitted by poordad on Sun, 01/12/2014 - 18:39

I was married to a lawyer, we moved and moved so she could develope her career. Me i just took whatever work I could find. I even spent a total of 4 years as a stay at home dad. OUr divorce was very hasty, I did not want it, I argued against it everyday, even the final day in court. She threw me out june 2nd 2012, i was divorced aug7th 2012, and she is now remarried to her old co-worker(fellow attourney). She was remarried July 5th 2013. I remember there ws a paper saying we had lived separately for 6 months . I said hey i want my 6 months we can fix this and make it better. Her response was shut up and sign the fucking papers. I didn't even have a place to stay i was couch surfing with co-workers. She brought me in one day to make final signatures, I suggested throwing all the papars away , she said i could not do that and it was best i sign all the stuff she typed up. I saw the part where she wanted me to pay$40 a month. I said are you crazy you make tons of money and your dad gives you a 5 digit check every year at christmas. I said I have nothing, all these years i gave you all my money. I have nothing saved for retirement. IN 17 years I had saved a measly 6,000. That year her father gave her 40,000 in cash for a gift. Normallly he gives her 20 grand. PLus that year she made 50 grand at her job. At that time I had grossed abut 13 grand, at my job mowing yards.

Every so often she makes threats that she could soak my pay check for a whole 1/3 of my wages. I just find that insane. She has full custody, at the time i said I want the kids for half she said i could have them full time and she'd run away to colorado or something like that. I said no way the boys will go crazy she said well give me full custody then. So i signed everything away , i waived alimony, i surrendered my equity in the house, she gave me 10 grnd my pathetic savings and the car and 8 days a month on visitation. She lowered the monthy child support amount to zero. For real these boys are set the 4 years old already has his college paid for in cash from her dad. This woman has access to some serious money. She flies to Alaska every three months to visit her lawyer hubby who joined the army, she's always going to restaurants and continues her jewelry collection as if nothing ever happeed. Me the only place I go is aldi's or mcdonalds. IM gonna have to quit smoking casue cigarettes are killing my budget. My mom has to every so often send me money. I also know thatt since her lawyer hubby joined the army she and the boys are on his military health insurance.

My question is can she really take me to court to soak a 1/3 of my wages. If so I'd be ruined,I 've avoided shooting myself so far but this would ruin me. I only make gross about 20 grand and too my taxes went up. Oh and she has her own office now. Most of her clients pay cash she gets food stamps at 500/month too. I went in to try to get it and all i got was the run around I gave up trying to get them.

I had finally told her that if she wants money, from me, it would make more sense for me to sue her for joint cutody and soak her for child support. I hate my visitation, the boys want to see me more and I want to see them more. It would be tough because at the landscaping place we work so much stupid overtime in the summer, but im laid off in the winter. I am seeking new work at this insurance place here in town we have a global headquarters but the starting pay is lower than what i make at landscaping, and they work 12 months out of the year.

She said if i sued for joint custody she would mention my drinking problem and the fact she got a restraining order against me. Her new hubby is the one who typed it up for her a few years ago . I was drunk and was yelling abut how our sex life had been dead for years and it was driving me crazy. I said i should just take you and i grabbed her breast. I got a t.r.o on me that numbnuts typed up. I know one thing she had hit me in front of the kids on more than one occasion, one time folks walking by asked if i needed the polic called cause she was thrashing me horoughly and too a few years back she used to blow pot smoke in our sons face and smoked pot while pregnant. Together me  and her smoked pot every day for years on end. I am now in aa and told her i could have many aa's vouch for me that im in recovery. Ha my sponsor told me bro thank god u abused alcohol, if you never drank you would still be there she abused you through and through. My therapist verified that indeed I really had battered wife syndrome.

So rehash can she sue me for child support thus furthur destroygin me and if i sue for joint cutody and sue her for chld support what are the odds it will be nasty/i win. Oh and I also joined various church orgs too and volunteer for stuff and made friends at chruch.