Enforcing Parental Custody Appointed by the courts

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I'm hoping that someone can help me here. I've been trying to get the correct information for over a year now. I cannot afford an attorney, so I'm hoping that someone on here can help me with my situation...

Here it goes..

My Son, who is now 6 years old has supposed to have been with my half of the time since he was 1 years old. His mother had put a protection order against me from that time in which she has told 4 judges since that she would drop, since she never abided by them anyway. I think it was just a way to "keep me in my place" sorta speak. (Even a female judge had asked her if she feared for her life or our sons, or for either of their safety with me, to which her  response was "No ma'am". Needless to say, the judge wasn't to happy with her.) Anyway, she's never abided by what the natural agreement between the courts and the both of us had came up with when our son was 1 years old. She has always been there when I spend time with him, and very seldom would she give me my parenting time alone with my son besides maybe a little more than a handful of times. She is an attourney, she was an understudy for the district DA where our case goes to for us to settle disputes. Now, in most instances besides 1, the judges have known who she is and have sided with her. (The only one that didn't was the female judge who beraided her for using the system in a way that it shouldn't be used. Judges words, not my own, I promise.) Now, for the last 2 years she has been seeing a new man, and the last time we spoke she'd said that she thinks it's best for our son that she leave the protection order in place, and not have it removed. This protection order is only for her, not our son. In the agreement, she'd said, and been told by the judge that she needs to contact my mother or sister to arrange parental time for me, and when and where they will meet to exchange. She hasn't answered any of their calls, and I can no longer call her because I do not want to get in trouble, and I'm sure that would only play into what she wants me to do. I can't find out how to enforce the Parental Custody order that has been in place that she isn't abiding by, and time seems to just be growing further and further away with my son and I missing out on potentially great moments, and at the very least teaching moments that I should be there for, and I can't wait any longer until I can get enough money together to afford an attourney. I'm hoping that someone here can help me with my dilemma, so that I can put the correct paperwork in to move forward and get this situation handled. I thank you very much for your time, and hope that your day is treating you well.


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Mr. Peters 


Wed, 01/20/2016 - 12:03

Please excuse some of my spelling and grammar mistakes. I was reading over, but I cannot find how to correct those mistakes. Please bare with me

You can "enforce the Parental Custody order that has been in place that she isn't abiding by" by filing a motion to modify child custody. 

In it, explian and provide evidence for how it's being willfully violated. 

Also ask for any changes that you want made, such as an extra over night or weekend or holiday.