do i have the right to tell "FRIEND OF THE COURT" which parent that i rather live with?

Submitted by germenias on Mon, 09/23/2013 - 13:17

I'm 16years of age I'll be "17" January 17th, I'ved lived with my dad for 3 years then when he went to jail I had to move back with my mom. My dad has been out for jail for 4 years now but he went to jail for 3years between those 3years while my dad was locked up my mom has always shipped me to florida in put me out, every since I turned 16 she really started not to care anymore I basicly get put out every summer. She doesnt take care of me with none of the child support check in I dont live with her, I stay with my dad is there any way that I can tell the judge that I ont live with her in by my dad being on child support  its very difficult for him to do for me because she's getting 600 hundred dollars every week not to mention that my dad has 2 other kids that he pays child support for. I find this to be very selfish when I dont stay with her, and she had an 7 mouth old baby that she gets child support for plus she works at chrysler in her baby's father works there to and they live together.