Delco system FAILS Children

Submitted by CMN2015 on Sun, 08/21/2016 - 19:23
Has anyone had experience with the Delco Family Courts? Judges and attorney bias against moms? Decisions made without looking at all factors relevant to the case, specifically any proof against false allegations made against mom? Child had been removed from mom after dad (who had abandoned child before birth due to drug and legal issues)secured an ER hearing stating mom is unfit and using drugs. Dad gets primary physical custody even though they are allegations without proof and dad is a stranger to now 5 year old child. After moms goes through several drug screens psych evals that all prove her clean of drugs and free of mental problems, several master hearings in which master is completely biased, and unethical attorneys, mom is still fighting for child to be returned home. Father and new wife have been denied custody of cther children due to neglect and abuse in the past but have custody of of this young child who has been consistent in wanting to return to mom. Mom has full support of therapists and mediators appointed by court. Decisions seem to be made before hearings even begin. It seems a complete perversion of the system and am desperatly seeking any advice and help. Please help.

Yes!!!!! I and others have been victims of the same court system.  We have started to discuss options on how to fight back. I would be happy to tell you about this. 

Pleas let me know how to get in touch. I’ve been waiting over a year to have trial. They refuse to give a date.