Deadbeat Father

Submitted by sparke87 on Tue, 07/27/2010 - 14:23

My ex, the father of my daughter recently got out of jail for the 4th or 5th time. Hes a known felon 10 times over. After his last stay in a Pittsburgh jail, he went to rehab for 60 days. My daughter's 2. He has never seen her or provided for her in any way. I have given many opportunities to see her with the exception that they arent to be alone together bc I dont trust him not to try something. I have already put him in jail for 6 months bc he threatened to kill me and my family and kidnap my daughter. For the past 2 years since I left him, while I was 5 months preggo, he has done nothing but annoy me, my parents, and now my husband. My husband wants to adopt her. After doing some research and contacting a lawyer, both of which have told me that hes legally abandoned her at 6 months...due to his non contact. Im still not sure if its 6 or 12 months, either way, hes abandoned her. My now husband has been raising my kid as his own for the last year. My ex has spent the last 3 days just trying to start a fight and/or trying to get me to spend him a nasty email....Now after reading some info on father's rights...Im concerned...should I be worried?

Fathers DO have rights. You will never be able to change this. However, the safety and physical/emotional well-being of your child is paramount. Work closely with your lawyer and document everything. Your current husband may be a good support for you in this - emotionally and legally.

Even though your X was in jail...that does not give you the right to keep his child from him unless he is abusive.  He is the child's father.  You should be a good woman and mother an foster that relationship.   Don't become a dead beat mother.