Custody within different counties

Submitted by bushygoose on Wed, 08/06/2014 - 09:07

I have been searching everywhere and am unable to find any assistance.  I live in Allegheny County and my ex spouse lives in Philadelphia.  The children are residents of Philadelphia.  We are putting together a custody agreement.  
My question is how does it work when the parents are in different counties and 6 hours apart?

I'm being advised by friends to ask for shared custody with 20% overnight visitation.  Also have joint legal custody. 

My other concern is do I have to have my time with the children in Philadelphia or can they be at my home when I have custoday?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

It's great that you're attempting a custody agreement first.  That's the best ... to stay out of court.  

How does what work in different counties?  If you mean which court do you put the agreement in.  Well that would be Philadelphia, where the children have been for the past six month or longer.

As for the number of custody days, that depends on what both parents can and want to do. 

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Yes, you take care of your children at your home.