Custody order not followed help needed

Submitted by Little Ricky on Wed, 05/01/2013 - 09:38

Hi, I am new here and went to court for custody rights and partner says son does not want to see me so order is not followed..Have not seen son since Oct.2012. Have many police reports and lawyes wouild love to help with more money. Is there a way I can file myself in Buck County? Or do I need to continue with lawyer for protection and go more broke?? Even if I win. I still will not get him and another vilolation. it never ends and it hurts to have child think the worst of you and you have nothing with him...any suggestions on this battle that never ends??   


Wed, 06/05/2013 - 15:17

have you reported it to domestic relations in your county? you can file to have a conference with a mediator and the other other parent. in this meeting you can try to work it and if you cant, they will set up a court hearing and you can hash it out there. i am currently going through this, but i've filed to have my conference and im prepared to go before a judge. you dont need a lawyer when you go to medition, but i would get one when you go to court. good luck.

Yes, you can file yourself in Bucks County.  If you have a custody order in place, and the other party is not following it, you can file contempt charges against them.  Also, go get your kid, if you can, and make sure you spend time with them.