custody lost to state 1 child

Submitted by teri2014 on Thu, 03/27/2014 - 20:10

Hello, I am single mom of 3 and I moved from NJ to Delware to make things right. I have been in the dyfs issues several times lost my children in nj for 8months without a hearing but end up there findings was we need services, But to make story short moved to delware and my daughter was giving me issues. Saw the family judge and she removed my child from custody to dyfs. do to the accusations she said but then my child told them she said it out of anger. Now Im back in the system with the state again. But what makes me upset is they want me to go through a whole lot to get her back like I just did in NJ can they do this again? I have 2 other kids at home and I'm so upset with the state on how they manage things in court. Oh and the public defender is just as worst its like he on there side. How can I find a Probono lawyer thats for me are even a low cost one that understands custdoy issues.!!!! If I'm so bad why do I have my other kids at home.