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I am a friend of the family and am asking this question in their behalf.  Mom lives in PA. Dad just got out of prison and is now living in NC.  Parents are not divirced.  It is agreed that the two younger boys, 12 and 14 should move to NC to live with Dad.  Are there  any legal papers that need to be signed to make that happen?  Mom has theiir birth certificates and social security cards ready to go.  Mom does get food stamps and welfare here is PA.  

Because "mom gets food stamps and welfare here in PA", the state may want to recoup that money.  You both will want to check on that.  

A custody change, as you wrote, can be done ... with both parents signing and notarizing a simple document that spells out the specifics of the agreement.  

Be sure to cover the points in

Also and specifically agree on the points in section 5331.  Parenting plan of the first link here