Child's preference

Submitted by kcichonski on Sat, 08/21/2010 - 22:14

How do Bucks County Judges handle a child's preference in a Modification of 50/50 custody order? Children are soon to be 14 and 11.

Look through the PA Code (  If you find such a thing as "true 50/50" let me know. DR finds one parent "custodial" and the other "non-custodial" or "obligator" and "obligee". Everything that I have found is based on the determination of to whom the money is paid. I have a couple of friends who had "50/50" custody until the divorce was finalized and child support began - then everything came crashing down! Many of us find it an uphill struggle simply to aquire 60/40 visitation/custody. Bucks county may have local legislation - check it out.

As far as child preference; children are allowed to review information and input their opinion at the age of 14. That doesn't mean that a judge will agree with it. There have been cases in which the guardian ad litem presented the child's opinion to the judge, but then added why they, themselves, disagreed with the child's decision.

There is no rule that it all begins at age 14.  It can be younger if the child/children show the maturity behind their request and understand all the changes/ramifications that go in changing custody.  Having great grades in school, well rounded, no emotional issues, clear headed goes a long way for children when wishing to change custody.

It is tough to change custody because PA makes money off of each $ you send to Harrisburgh.  So to get that 40% or above is tough as long as you are porviding the majority of support.


What is meant that Harrisburg makes money off each dollar sent when your are speaking of child support???? Can you please explain this to me? Thanks

Our oldest son is 12 and was on the stand to testify ? Long story. The judge asked if he wanted to live with his mom or dad. He said dad. Judge asked if it was okay if he lived with dad and his brother (age 7) lived with his mom. Son said that was okay to him. Judge asked if he talked to mom and dad about it. He told judge that mom said that was okay but dad said he didn't like the idea of splitting up brothers. Judge reprimanded me ? and said he would never split kids up in his courtroom. Mom gets primary custody. Son was an A student and now is not doing so well. Gets yelled at and blamed all the time by his mom and when he is with me I have to pick up the pieces. Of course, this is all in the best interest of the children.