children's SS#

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The father of my 2 children and I have joint legal custody.  However, getting him to discuss anything requires months and months of attempts and ultimately attorneys and about 10,000.  I purchased a house about 8 miles away which does not fit into the 'relocation' law, but it would require a change in school districts (from Philadelphia public school TO lower merion district).  DEspite multiple attempts to discuss he wouldn't.  He will agree to it now on about 15 of them is that I hand over medical cards, SS#'s of kids and birth certificates.

I am very nervous about handing that info over since he is financially ruined.  He filed bankruptcy after his divorce from his wife.  He is also self employed.  In addition, he was born in another country so he does has dual citizenship.  I am concerned about him having all of that private information. Is there any way I can deny that information?  





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children's SS#

Your role is Passive at this juncture: Do Nothing.

Tell him to go to the State, etc and get his own copies.

The citizenship thing is a big deal. I would not hand any documents over. He can get them himself with some leg work.

The most important thing you can do, is not to use the kids as pawns, in spite of the father's deficiencies. We all need to give the kids free access to their parents, and promote that in every way possible.

Medical cards are essential for him to have for the safety of the children.  Courts documents will have SS#.  He can get the birth certificate copy anyway.  So nothing you listed should be or is confidential between parents.  

If abduction is a concern, then a court order is possble by agreement.  Both parents sign an agreement (sentence or paragraph) then ask the court clerk to ask the judge to ratify it in an order.

Are cards still essential if legal custudy is shared, but ex was only awarded 4 or less visitation/week, was not granted overnights chooses not to exercise visitation unless on a whim, and moved to a different county (NOT countRy)?


In the event of an emergency, wouldnt it be best for the child if 911 is called, child is taken to the hospital and the active parent is called immediately?