Child Support while on probation

Submitted by suea on Thu, 04/10/2014 - 14:27

My grandson was physically and mentally abused by my daughter from

age 1 to teenage /older. He has since been in and out of trouble most

arrests were made on his Monthers request! Now at age 24 was arrested

for drug dealing of a controlled substance. He has a baby which was

taken by his Mother and forced the childs mother to sign over custody

to her while my grandson was in jail. She than applied for child support

while he was in jail. He is now out of jail but on probation. He has

an ankle monitor. He was on heroin so he is also going through classes

for that. His court ordered classes & community service take up all of

his day. He is living with me because he had no where to go and he

would have had to go back to jail. State jail which the probation is

holding over his head. And now on top of all of this his Mother is

pushing for child support and arrears. Over $120 weekly because they

said it was his "earning potenial". He can not pay the support and

I am afraid they will use this to put him back in jail. He has been doing

great, going to all Court appointed classes, has been doing community

service and is heroin free for 5 months. Can they make him pay the

$120 weekly without a job or income?  And after the history the Mother

has had with the authorities how could they give her another child

to torment! What should we do? Wouldn't the county have been required

to do a backround check on the Mother???? Before giving her custody?