CHild Support / Visitation

Submitted by KarenW152 on Fri, 12/27/2013 - 01:37

OK, so my stepdaughters mother up and moved them to Florida.  She asked us before they moved but never filed the petition to relocate.  We have constant problems with the mother, long story short I have a question...


My husband has a open child support case in Delaware county, we filed to modify it ONLY because we told the mother we would start paying medical for the child due to florida welfare "intercepted" the child support money from what we were told.  He was paying 85 dollars a week and when they went back they doubled the amount per week plus added that he had to get medical for her.  He will also dish out another 30 dollars a week for medical. Our problem with this is we have a daughter together, he is now bringing home 120 dollars a week.  She lives in florida with less living expenses and is also married.  She claimed to have a ton of expenses to get the child support up, fine, but my main question is, can I take him for support and if I do will it modify her acct.  I just feel that she is being unfair knowing we have another child and she was getting a fair amount a week originally.  We do not get to see the child and have tons of issues with that going on already.  His daughter is 8 years old so its not like she needs diapers and such.  We only filed to lower it 20 dollars a week to cover half of the medical insurance payments.