Child Support - Broken System - POLITICIANS PLEASE READ

Submitted by Hopeful on Tue, 09/21/2010 - 15:03

I want eeveyone to know the following.

I chose to go through Domestic relations to minimize contact with my ex-wife and her ability to cause me problems with her erratic bahavior.   It was to offer myself some stability....or so I thought.

When my ex-wife and I went to/through Delaware County Domestic Relations for child support I was advised of the following.

Michele Mattera was the person from DDR who handled my case.  Mattra's father is the Deputy DA there, and since my ex-wife was involved with a local married politician, I became suspicious as to her assignment.

That has no bearing on what Mattera said at that meeting, and after.

We agreed that I should pay $800 per month.

I was advised that;

"the system is broken.   Period."

I had no idea as to what Mattra meant until after my FIRST month of support payments.

Out of each pay $366.22 was deducted.......And at the end of the first month I received in the mail a contempt order, and was advised that I was delinquent and was to appear in front of a Judge on such and such a date.

I was also served with an automatic increase in my bi-weekly payroll deduction to $405.00 per pay.

I called Mattera and asked her what was going on.  She only said the following - "I told you the system was broken, but I'll look into it"

She checked, I had made all of my scheduled payments and was 'current'. She cancelled the contempt hearing, but was unable to reduce my deductions.

mattera stated the following;

The COUNTY is forced to use the STATEs system.

The STATE determines your payroll deductions a percentage of your Yearly salary and according to how many PAYs you have in a given year

The COUNTY figures out what your MONTHLY payment should be.

The PROBLEM is that there are TWO months during the year where a person receives THREE 'Pays'.    (hence in MY case,  a bi-weekly deduction of $366 to create an $800 MONTHLY total)  It all evens out over the YEAR.

HOWEVER - the COUNTY keeps track of your delinquncy on a MONTHLY basis.

so - after my first month I had only paid approx $ 732.44   

CURRENT on my deductions


If I were to have my deductions reduced right away, at the end of the NEXT month, the entire screwed up AUTOMATED process begins all over.

My question to all of you is this.......If DDR officers are tied up handling accounts that are not truly delinquent,    think of all the time they SHOULD be spending on dead beat moms and dads..........

I find it truly sad that the system is BUILT to fail.   BUILT to waste resources.   BUILT to bog down an already over loaded system.

I balme our politicians.  Period.


I have bi-weekly pay as well and yes you are correct when there are two pay periods in a calander year that will make up for any arrears that developes because of the bi-weekly pay.  Domestic Relations and their system called "SupportCalc" takes that into consideration.  Keep everything tracked and check your account on the PACSES website ( to your account for payments and any arrears balances.  You can also check your docket on their site to see any litigation coming against you before you even get serves.

The system is broke because Pennsylvania makes money off of every dollar that goes to Harrisburg as well as TITLE 4D payments from the Federal Government.  PA annually received over $30 million dollars  in INCENTIVE PAYMENTS (FREE MONEY) from an alloted amount of over $500 million allocated from the Federal Governemnt from TITLE 4D of the Social Security ACT  -  Section 458 for collecting child support.  So DR in each county is out to get as much as they can from you because they make money off of you. 

When they say in court 'in the best interest of the child' when it refers to money issues - its not.  Its not the best interest of the child - its the best interest of DRO to get their money from you.

Welcome to the club.  Thanks for writing to PAFACE.ORG and I hope these tips are helpfull.