Can't find laws

Submitted by BonusMamma on Thu, 06/18/2015 - 13:29

My husband and I are looking to relocate closer to his side of the family. But, are unsure about rights that my step-son's mom has. She had a PFA (protective order) against her when he and I got together. She has had no visitation with my step-son since before we were married 4 years ago. She has not been in his life for just over 5 years. We are unsure about her rights to my step-son and worried that she will fight our relocation. Where can I find the laws and find out how much rights she has. My husband checked the court orders at the court house, but found nothing but the PFA.

If there are no child custody orders for your step-son, then the son's father is free to move where ever.

When you get to your new county and after x months (each county / state are different), file for a child custody order.

With that said, chidren need both parents.