Calling the Stepdad "Dad"

Submitted by DebiB on Thu, 08/26/2010 - 18:47

I'm actually posting this for someone I know.  He is in a situation where he has 2 young children and the mother just got married to another man.  She is telling the children to call their new stepfather "Dad" or "Daddy" which is obviously upsetting to the real father, not to mention I would imagine that this could be confusing to the children.  Of course, the common sense answer to this problem would be to talk to the mother and explain that this is upsetting to the real father as well as confusing to the children, and if she were a reasonable person she would understand and choose another name for the kids to use for their stepfather.  However...we're not dealing with reasonable.  Has anyone else encountered this issue and how was it resolved?  Would appreciate any ideas on how he can successfull resolve this issue.  Thanks much.