Being "railroaded" so that the transition of my daughter's adoption cannot be contested by me...

Submitted by Robert C. on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 13:24

Until 5 months ago I had been chronically homeless for 14 years, and during that time I had a daughter with someone who was also homeless at the time (who left the streets long before I did). A couple of years went by and I saw her with my daughter (who she denied, at the time was mine). Inevetably after her rebuttals toward me being allowed to see my daughter, I ecxplained to her that I would seek court assistance for visitation rights. She told me that if I did that she would retaliate by "hitting me up for child support because I would be killing her hustle", (apparently she was lying to another man, saying that he was my daughter's father, and truly knew that he wasn't- despite the obviousness that me and my daughter was identical n appearance). We went to court, and paternity was established.... I was "hit for child support" but disallowed from visitation "due to my living status". This past winter I began getting letters from Illinois child support enforcement explaining that I owed over $9,000 in back pay to her mother, in addition to over $2500 in back pay to DCFS. I then found out that way that my daughter had been in foster care and is apparently now up for adoption on May 12 of this year. I immediately began seeking information from my daughter's caseworker in regards to seeking visitation rghts and custody, and the caseworker is insistant upon me esablishing paternity, (which does'nt make sense due to me owing so much in child support back pay enough to find out she was taken in the first place. I was told today that I need to "re-establish paternity due to being in default" in order to be recognized by the courts that Zaccarra is my daughter- which does'nt make sense if I've been forced to pay back-pay child support that started the day I asked for visitation. The caseworker has been agitated towards my contacting her which started December 2016....I guess I wasnt suppoed to know my daughter was about to be adopted. The other predjudice toward me is my current source of income (which happens to be SSI) and this caseworker is trying to build a case against me with multiple barriers from mental health assessments, to re-taking paternity testing, etc. to prohibit me from any contact with my child "because she (my child) doesnt know me"......coming up with excuse after excuse to deny any acknowledgement of my prescence and desire to be involved in my daughter's life to ensure that the "May 12th court date gets the ball rolling for the adoption to take place" efficiently.... irony is that this system has prohibited me visitation and custody of my daughter due to being fianancially unstable and homeless (in which they have no excuse to deny me now, because I am no longer homeless),  but for some strange reason was able to calculate that enforcing me to pay $120 per month was suitable for someone they clearly knew was in a fiananial crisis (since long before my daughter was conceived) enough to sleep outside on cardboard begging for change, (well getting T-boned by a drunk driver, losing your apartment, job, college education, and fiance in the process, while at the same time getting swindled by your accident attorney for over $83,000 can definitely get you put into dire straits).  It took me 14 years to be allowed to sign a lease agreement, and for the first time in my life I have a utility bill in my name....I just wish I was allowed to be a father to my child.

 Someone PLEASE help, (child cases in Illinois are the worse than compared to the rest of the country, and I have yet to meet an attorney who can help a fianancially strained man, and is NOT afraid of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)- "who happen to have a reputation more devastating than the mafia when it comes to court proceedings and legal connections".......(according to one attorney I attempted to seek for help).