Being able to see my daughter

Submitted by Edward Moore on Wed, 12/21/2016 - 08:13

I got a daughter an her mom won't let me see her for months at a time I need help I won't custody of my daughter is there a organization out there that's design to help the father see his daughter an law that I can use to see my daughter or make her let me see her I'm already on calendar for custody isn't there something that say she got to let me see her if there anything that represent or support father's please get back to me I miss my daughter like crazy this is hurting my heart she is the only children I have an she using her to hurt me for fun there's got to be something out there

Yes there are laws and organizations to help parents enforce and understand child custody laws. 

In your situation, when you see the judge, just explain what child custody schedule you can do and what would be best for your daughter and explain why.  That's it.