baby mother from hell

Submitted by amcabrew on Thu, 10/24/2013 - 11:46

so im dating this guy and he has 2 kids from 2 different mother one is cool she doesnt keep hiom from his child but she lives in ga while he lives in va she gets 400 a month for child support. baby mother two is the nightmare she lives in the state and only lets him see his son for a couple hours a week...he drives an hour and its on her terms. since weve been dating shes only let his son spend the night 3 tmes and he has to bring him back in the morning. he reciently just got out the navy and is on unemployment and going to school...he only recieve 300 in unemployment a week and baby mothe one still gets her 400 a month. baby mother 2 gets what he can give. and now shes planning on moving to dc on a whim so he cant establish an agreement with her for when he can see his child. i need to know what hes supposed to do about that and how can he get his child support adjusted because he isnt getting paid as much at the moment and 2 get both kids on the case. we cant afford to travel is there a way to do it instate?