Am I in the right am I playing the right cards?

Submitted by jbpitt8109 on Sat, 01/26/2013 - 14:01


     I left my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years 3 weeks ago. I have yet to file for custody. I have been giving some child support ( not court ordered ) I have kept the recpicts. My ex holds my daughter (17 months back from me. My ex has been to rehab ( percocet, subonxe and adderall ) and checked out early ( 4 days ). I left due to her use of these drugs which doesnt have an Rx for. She has been using for years. I do have documentation of her checking into rehab. I do have text she sent to buy drugs. I do text she sent me addmitting to having a pyshical depencacy on these drugs. Now my ex is stubborn and vile as can be. I am on disabality for a complec heart defect and have ssdi but I want primary custody of my daughter. Has anyone come across a sitiuation like mine? I am going to file Monday for custoudy as well child support so I can at least its on the books when we go to mediation that I have been paying. I am in Allegheny county.

Thanks James.