Alcoholism vs. Justice

Submitted by HarBo on Thu, 08/12/2010 - 18:20

I am a father of 3 wonderful children all in their teenage years, who I receive compliments on frequently. Their mother and I must have done something right while raising them to this point. About 4 years ago my soon to be ex-wife (the mother of my 3 kids) was stricken by the disease of alcoholism.  I tried to cure her myself and so did the children when that didn't work we sought help in the way of Al-Anon and made AA accessable to her as well as rehabilitation. She did go through a short term of rehabilitation, got released early and was back to the same old tricks soon after. I, being worried about the children's reaction, hesitated going forward with a divorce. The last straw was when the kids got home from school one day to a passed out mother with an empty gallon of vodka. I filed for divorce that day and the kids reaction was in favor of my actions. They, too, were tired of living with the craziness of alcoholism and the undependable, broken person it turned their mother into. So, after a couple of drunken bouts with the police and a few more arguements she finally moved out and left me with the kids to live in peace. So I have the house and the kids and the law states that she will still get about 60% of everything I own. So even though I've done nothing wrong and held my childrens' well being above all else I have to give up more than 1/2 of everything I own? Is there no stipulation for conduct within the law? She continues not to choose sobriety, she's lost her drivers license and has gotten in an accident with one of our vehicles which is still in my name which is scary in itself. Again I've done nothing wrong, I'm just trying to make a better life for my children and getting penalized severely for it. Is this JUSTICE?