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Family Court Domestic Relations Documents
All Roughly the Same ... Petitions, Motions, Forms, Documents, Papers

In family court there are Petitions, Motions, and Forms.  Generically people call them documents, papers or paperwork.  Filing means giving a petition to the court.

A written petition formally starts a court process by giving necessary information to the court to begin a case.  Petition must be in writing where as a motion can be written or verbal.  A petition is more formal and asks for more, while a motion is less formal and asks for less.  Both petitions and motions are court jargon.  Forms on the other hand are supplemental paperwork such as fill in the blank questionnaire to find out more about each parent, like in an intake.


Most Important Part of Family Court Child Custody Paperwork

Most important to explain why
Most Important to Explain Why


The most important part of child custody paperwork is writing why you should get what you're asking for. 

Explaining your need concisely and meaningfully is the most important part so that, before you both ever step foot in the court room, the judge has a clear idea of what you ask.  The perspective you write from makes all the difference in a judge's perception of you.  This is why it helps to talk it through with others who can help you refine your 'very long, complicated' back story.  

Tell your story in few words
Tell Your Story in Few Words

Child Custody Petition

Write why you need to have the custody that you do in a way that the judge can instantly and easily trust you.  Write down what are the facts, what does your child need, and why that's needed.  Write in your own simple language.

Make the Judge Trust What You Wrote
Make the Judge Trust What You Wrote


At our meetings, we'll help you write a petition for child custody; petition to modify child support; you'll know how to petition the court for custody; how to fill out a custody petition.

We'll help you understand your child custody paperwork; steps for filing for custody; where to go; who to talk with; and how to present yourself.

Child Support Forms

Triple Check Child Support Calculations
Triple Check Child Support Calculations

We'll help you ensure that the child support papers use the right calculations; ensure that there aren't mistakes which are commonly made; and help you get the right amount for your child.  This is not complicated once you know how to do it.

So join our meetings

We Help You Over The Hurdle
We Help You Over The Hurdle


Full Child Custody Forms

Lots of people search for and ask about full custody forms but there's no such thing as a generic full child custody form.  There's no check box or document  that gives you full custody.

You have to explain why you should get full custody on a generic child custody petition.  You can petition the court for full child custody.  Simply explain your reasons why you should have full custody.  

Before you write your petition, read what others have actually gotten according to recent decisions.

Where to Get Child Custody and Support Forms

You can get child custody documents from your child's local county court's website or from the prothonotary office.  Use this link and just add your child's county name.

Where has your child lived for the past six months is where you file a petition for child custody or support.


Before Asking The Court

Work It Out Between Yourselves
Work It Out Between Yourselves

It's best if both parents can agree to child custody or child support before getting the court involved.  One or both parents are welcome to our meeting to get the truth of how hard family court can be.  Family court is not going to be fun or easy.  Working it out yourselves with the help of others who've been there will certainly make it easier.

Judges, lawyers and court staff don't know either parent so how can they really make the right decision?  Only the parents, relative or friends really know.  So find help from others before jumping into court.



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