14 and wants to live with other parent Westmoreland county PA

Submitted by koneil on Wed, 06/20/2012 - 12:23

My son will turn 15 in 2 monthes, he spent 5 days with the other parent and has now come home to have his other parent tell me that he want to move in with them. He has lived with me and my other child his entir life.  The other parent didnt even see him for 3 years, and even after that it was only 1 time a month for 2 days.  They have had cars repoed, kicked out of several house for not paying, they are not financially responsible in any way.  He said the reason he wants to move is because I yell at him for back talking.  Does he have the right to choose?  Westmoreland county PA


Wed, 01/16/2013 - 14:28

Let your son choose. It's his life.  You can only protect him for so long.  Eventually one of two things will happen.  He will not like you for controling him or he will understand you're protecting him.  Just let it play out.  After living with one parent he might choose to come back.  It's time for him to start exploring and making up his own mind.  With your guidance and discussion.

My grandson (age 14 as of August 2012)was recently told by his mom to pack his *&^% and go if thats what makes you happy...this happened at 10pm and his dad (my so lives 2 hours away....he did pick him up and they returned home at 2am.....all along mom said would support his decision to live with dad...that was 10 days ago....my grandson went to visit mom for weekend and she gave word he could return to dad's if he wanted at end of visit...she has now gone back on that and won't allow him to go....Dad is going to a counseling appointment with him on Monday and my grandson fully intends to leave with his dad....my grandson is a cutter and said he doesn't feel safe at moms (conflicts with mom controlling him and stepdad issues) and has no desire to cut at his dads as he feels safe.....she said if he goes with dad she will file kidnapping charges....our attorney said if he leaves on his own there is not much she can do as he is 14 and 99.9999% of time judges do what children of this age request unless there are unsafe conditions with parent child requests to live with.....we did file emergency custody relief and judge referred to special master.....our attorney said if she consents he can do agreement and cancel special master...her attorney said must wait for special master.....any help?


Yes, courts always welcome agreements by the parties.  If mother's agreeable, here's an option ...

 "Father ___ and mother ___ for child ____ born _____ agree as follows.

1.       This order supersedes all previous orders in any court.

2.       Both parents shall have shared legal custody and shared physical custody of their child.  

3.       Child shall schedule in advance reasonable weekday custody to facilitate changes to their lives."


Look at statute 5328 ... http://paface.org/content/pa-custody-statutes-and-support-guidelines

Specifically ...

(7) The well-reasoned preference of the child, based on the child's maturity and judgment.