custody exchange

Submitted by frustratedmom on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 17:01

father with sole legal custody and mother with partial custody...father says "I will not drop child off to anyone other than you, as it is "your" time and not someone else"...I have to work late and my mother, who lives with me (the child's grandmother) is there at my home.

He also says that if I am not there to pick up child at the stated time in the order, that I "forfit" my right to my time of partial custody.

PLEASE tell me if he has the right to do either of these.

There's just not enough information to give a great answer but here goes.

This is not a Right but common sense depending on the family dynamics.  If the custody order doesn't specify anyone else then he can but if your mother is a reasonable caretaker and he can't take care of the child then he can keep the child.  You do have the ability to assign a caretaker for a few hours.

Best thing to do is to mutually agree to something.  Listen to why he doesn't.  Work out an agreement that satisfies both.  All three of the adults, you, him and your mom sit and listen.  Perhaps even get a court mediator to help you for possibly free.  Or hire a private mediator who can settle the difference.

If you can't then ask a judge to put specifics in the court order.