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I finally gained custody of my children. It was amazing to hear the decision of the judge. My children will now have more stability in life. My advice to non-custodial parents:

>   KNOW exactly what the custody order says. Read it everyday if you must.

>   Keep track of everything; visits, phone calls, what your children tell you, etc

>   Educate yourself about domestic relations in your area. There are federal and state guidleines but each agency has their own policies. Also, talk to people that have payed child support in your area. Share information and stories. You will learn how to use the system for your children rather than the custodial parent.

>   Find an attorney that is knowlegdeable in regards to how the judge in your area usually rules in custody cases. Judges rule based on their interpretation of the law and personal bias.

>   Stay with it, don't get discouraged, your children are worth it!

As it turned out, my wife moved to another state and was planninig on moving the children at a later time. The custody order did not allow her to do so. She believed that she would be able to shmooze the judge into a judgement in her favor.


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Can you please tell me the name of your attorney (one who understands that judges rule on interpretation and bias, not facts).