Custody rights

Submitted by vmach29 on Sat, 03/04/2017 - 14:05

I'm writing a story about Hawaii 5-0, in it there's a 16 year old girl who's adopted, but she's being adopted by her foster family, her foster's parents are gay by the way, her dad gets killed by a inturder and her other dad dies going into cardic arrest. So long story short, she might get put back in the foster system, since her parents never actually file the paper, meaning they had the papers got it signed but now were killed before the court date. She has a aunt that is from her adoptive family that's willing to adopt her and raise her with her siblings and everything, except she's from New York, but she's willing to move down to Hawaii to raise her.

But then, she has her biological father just found out she's his and he's willing to be a parent to her, except he used to be apart of the mob, his wife is a cop and she's never home that much. Her being curious lead her to finding him, but at the time, he didn't know she was his and he thought she was joking, when she told him she was his daughter.

So my main question is, since she's has a father that wants to be back in her life would she live with him or would she live with a aunt that been in her life since she was 8.

At 16 she can make up her own mind.  She can really choose whom ever she wants to stay with. 

Generally and broadly speaking, a biological father has more rights than an aunt.