Kids live with grandparents

Submitted by Gphillips on Tue, 08/05/2014 - 21:28

Hi I need some advise on what I can do about my 3children living with their grandparent while mother is living with boyfriend and I am paying child support to her. She does not use the money for them. She says she lives with her parents. But the children tell me that she sleeps at boyfriends every night and do not see her. She does drop them off every other Friday to me. But they do not see can I prove this and get custody of my children. The grandparents won't even talk to me about this.


If you really can't get any cooperation from the grandparents or from the mother, then file a petition to change custody.  Explain your story in detail.  Give examples of incidences.  Quote what the children tell you.  

You could hire a detective to take random sampling of pictures as evidence.  

When you get into the court hearing you could ask the Judge to allow you ask mother questions.  Be sure you know the answers before you ask.