Submitted by tracsportva on Tue, 09/02/2014 - 12:06


What are they? I know it deals with having to pay back owed money. I do not owe anything. The only problem I face is PA does not get their money on time. It is taken out of my account directly when I get paid and I was told PA (Harrisburg) gets it late. 


I live in another state and every time my child support gets modified, I have to pay 1300.00 extra. I do not understand how they are determined and cannot get a straight answer. 


I am at the point where it is almost 56% of my salary going to my kids. I want to help them but this is getting to the point where I cannot live or function. Nevermind getting a 2nd job, I tried that and have to actually pay to work. My support goes up so high that it is not worth the time or effort. 

Petition the court for a decrease in child support and in the filing ask the child support administration for a complete audit of your account for a specific time frame.  Before the petition you could simply call/write the CS office for a complete history.  Some of that information is available to you on the court website system where you'll have to login.