Grandparents preventing seeing

Submitted by kimbasnow on Mon, 08/12/2019 - 16:43
My daughters recently spend the week at their mother and with the way it fell with custody I didnt see them for almost a week and half. I work a part time job and a local YMCA. As I was walking in they were walking out with their grandmother. My youngest was yelling and screaming for me so I started to walk towards them to give them a hug since it's been 1½weeks for all 3 of us. As I was doing this their grandmother proceeded to drag them by the arms telling them to shut up, get in car and stop causing a scene. She then proceeds to pull out in a hurry and doing so my youngest is still yelling for me. I dont want to bring this up to their mother and would rather go right to the lawyer and case worker. Their grandmother prevented me from seeing them at my job and only made the situation worse in my opinion. Prior to the split we had to take co-parenting classes. Would I have any grounds to stand on since they are living in her house to have her also goto the parenting class and force their mom to loose full custody until her mom(grandmom) completed the course? I am now a complete wreck from 1) having her prevent me from seeing them and 2) seeing and hearing my youngest screaming for me. Any help is appreciated...

Hi, Yes you have "most of the ground" as a biological, stable parent versus a grandparent. If the mother can't take care of them, then you have the right of first refusal over the grandparent. Look it up Has it gotten better?