Need advice

Submitted by bri330 on Wed, 11/28/2018 - 00:37
My ex took me to court for full physical custody of our daughter. At the time of the medation hearing i was unable to attend. As i worked in florida and came back on my weekends with my daughter. I called her early before court that day because i didnt relize the date and thought i had more time. 5 months has passed with this new court order. I get her everyother weekend. I have asked my ex if i can have her more or every weekend. My daughter is extremely upset that she barley gets to see me her little brother and my wife. Her mother denied me more time with her. Told me to take her back to court. Now her mother is mad and wont allow her to call me because her boyfriend is back from the army. And i wouldnt give my daughter up 5hrs early for him. My question here is, how do i get the judge to see that i just want to remain an active and important part in my daughters life. I would like to be involved in her school stuff that her mother refuses to inform me on. Her mother tells me that it dont matter what i say because the mothers always get what they want. I just want to see my child more then 2 days every other week. When i always had her tuesday-friday up until her mother got involved with this army guy. Any advice?