How to get media attention to expose judge's personal bias

Submitted by hearthalfmissing on Sun, 02/04/2018 - 15:41
Hello, I am writing to you to see if you are interested in running a story about an abusive judge. I have been going to court on and off for twelve years and have had to deal with an abusive judge whom no matter what I have done will not follow the law. This judge has taken away my child from me whom now I have not seen in almost two years. The mental and physical exhaustion, the nightmares and crippling depression so severe now I am reduced to taking GNC energy supplements to physically get through the work day. I have spent more than 70,000 dollars and lost so many special moments in my child’s life that will never be returned it breaks my heart to even think. Without any history of abuse, arrest, drugs or alcohol…..a college educated middle class father who was raising his daughter solely (while never lived out of state 150 miles away) had EVERYTHING taken from him by a bitter ex. I have also always lived in on my own, my child always had her own room and loved to spend time with me and DHS was never involved in my case. Yet now I am reduced to searching online for where my child is (her 14th birthday just passed on the 30th of January) and scraping together money once again to try and see my own child. The judge in question is Doris A. Pechkurow of Family Court in Philadelphia, a judge, whom never has had a child of her own (former nun). In looking Pechkurow’s name online you can see nothing but negative reviews and lawsuits against her abuse. I have had three separate attorneys all tell me that she just does not like me and I will never win. My last attorney who knows her personally and saw her out socially remarked to the judge she was defending me was told by the judge, “I just don’t like him” in a very snide way when my attorney said, “Why? He has been coming to court for years fighting just to be part of his child’s life.” The judge told her “I just don’t care.” This judge has ignored multiple psychiatrist clearings, medical clearances….I had to at one point get my child from a police station because of mothers multiple false PFA suits in which she was caught lying in court or flat out not believed and had her cases dismissed. Despite this the mother was given sole legal and physical custody of my child. Pechkurow once began her conclusion of my case, “despite the fact that you come to court and you look handsome in your suit….” When my attorney stood up with a mix of bafflement and astonishment was yelled at by the judge and told “never interrupt me.” Pechkurow has even ignored medical clearances and when I once was hospitalized allowed opposing council to subpoena my medical records anyway. Despite the fact that they could find nothing wrong (I’m sure they were hoping for drugs or alcohol) the judge took away my right to drive a car with my child. Her decision was made despite the fact I had no restrictions given to me by the hospital’s doctor, my physician and a copy of my 10 year Pennsylvania DMV record that shows not a single accident or ticket in the last 10 years. Lastly, my ex decided not to show up with my child for my court ordered time for months. I filed an expedited appeal that the judge pushed back even further than the original court (which NOW was past Thanksgiving, Christmas and my child’s birthday). In this decision she never even acknowledged that my daughter was kept from me completely (My child’s phone number changed) and suggested that maybe my child and I can go to counseling but only on my time with my daughter (Friday night through Sunday), yet her mother was not showing up ever or answering her phone. I am so broken from this, physically, mentally, emotionally and monetary wise (yes I still have my checks garnished weekly for support). I have been told by a past attorney, “your case keeps me up at night.” I need help, I need to expose this judge and get my child back in my life (full time).