Virtual Phone Conference for Child Custody Help, Child Support Help, and Family Law


Virtual Phone Help on Child Custody, Child Support, and Family Law


Every Tuesday at Noon Eastern Time

We have a virtual meeting by phone where parents help parents on child custody laws, child support calculations, equal parenting, family court forms, and domestic relations papers.  You can get help from other parents who are going or have gone through what you're going through in family court.

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Confidential, discrete, and absolutely private conversations on Child Custody Help and Child Support Help


To get the best help, please have all relevant paperwork.


We'll strategize on your issues and help you walk through court procedures.  You'll be guided on how to present yourself and your children's needs succinctly and accurately. Family issues take time to resolve so you'll benefit by attending meetings regularly, by making friends, and asking lots of questions.


Topic include:



  • Child Custody Help, where we go over the child custody laws as they apply to your situation


  • How to Petition / File for Child Custody Modification, and how to keep the facts to the point


  • How to Petition / File for Child Support Modification, and how the child support calculations are made


  • Child Support Help, where we go over the child support laws and child support calculators as they apply to your situation


  • Domestic Relations Forms and Procedures on how to fill them out effectively


  • Children's Rights


  • Parental Rights


  • How to Appeal trial court's order


  • Relocation issues when one parent moves


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