Mission is Equal Child Custody


Our Mission is to:

  • Minimize the emotional upheaval experienced during and after the parental separation.
  • Promote every child’s civil rights to equal access to both parents and the extended family regardless of marital status.
  • End the adversarial process in divorce and custody matters.
  • Ensure equal, unbiased treatment for all parties in Domestic Relations proceedings.

Our Goals are to:

  • Promote equal parental responsibility for children’s nurturing.
  • Promote equitable parental responsibility for children’s financial needs.
  • Promote the policy that children are not property.
  • Educate policy makers and the public about the rights of children to have full access to both parents and their extended families.
  • End parental alienation.
  • Provide positive parenting role models and parenting education programs for separating families.
  • Advocate laws for the resolution of marital and custody disputes through mediation rather than litigation.
  • Promote legislation whereby shared custody is made a legal presumption.
  • Compel court enforcement of shared custody and visitation orders on a par with support enforcement, including sanctions.
  • Eliminate profit motive in custody and support awards by the courts.
  • Support efforts toward public awareness of the vital role of fathers in the growth and development of their children.
  • Prevent the use of false child and/or spousal abuse allegations as leverage in custody disputes.
  • Compel court enforcement of sanctions for filing false allegations of child and/or spousal abuse.
  • Promote legislation to tighten the evidence requirements for obtaining Protection from Abuse orders.
  • Establish a shelter for displaced parents and their children.
  • Promote legislation to limit legal fees in domestic cases.


Who We Help

Children, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, second wives, second husbands, step children, child caregivers, and all relatives, they all attend our meetings, join, and volunteer.


About Us

Pennsylvania Families' and Children’s Equality (PA FACE) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. PA FACE was founded in 1978 for the purpose of advocating children’s rights to full access to both parents and their extended families, and providing a self-help support group for non-custodial and/or non-residential parents.


Grass Roots

This is a group made up of parents who are going (or have gone) through issues which you may be facing right now. The group doesn't provide legal advice but rather relies on each other's experiences to help each other. This self-help support group will help you with your questions on:

Children's Rights, Father's Rights, Mother's Rights, Parent's Rights, Shared Parenting, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Joint Legal Custody, Joint Physical Custody, Parenting Time, Emancipation, Non-custodial Parents Rights, Extended Families' Rights, understanding or interpreting Pennsylvania family law and who to contact in the Pennsylvania family court system.


So Get Help

So to get real advice from other parents at an in person meeting  or at a web meeting from the convenience of your home.