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People Happier Joining Groups

A university study scientifically confirmed what we know ... that being part of groups makes people happier.  By how much?  By nine percent for each group they joined.  So 9 plus 9 plus 9 plus you'll be so happy.   It doesn't matter what you do in the group, just be a part of something, everything.

People 9% Happier Joining Each Group
People 9% Happier Joining Each Group

Your donations are tax deductible and include:

  • Free access to all meetings (up to 26 per county)
  • Strategies and ideas from others who have succeeded
  • Valuable court materials vital for a positive outcome
  • Referrals to competent family law experts
  • Information to help you learn to deal with your case and your attorney

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Attend Meeting $20

Single Membership $50                Sponsor $100

Family Membership $75                Patron $250

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