House Bill 1639

While PA HB 463 brings joining physical custody into effect, HB 1639 goes much further by safegarding non-custodial parents on the following issues:

1) Relocation issues - now the moving parent must prove the burdon of the move to be in the best interest of the children. No longer can a custodial parent move without just giving a 30 day notice to the non-custodial parent.

2) Grandparents rights - protects grandparents rights to see their grandchildren in case their own son/daughter is no longer around.  It was until this point that grandparents would only see thier grandchildren when their son/daughter would have them on their time.

3) Contemptable issues - making the offending parent more accountable for issues breeched from within a custody agreement.

4) Domestic Violence - placed as the 2nd leading criteria in determining the primary custodial parent when joint physical custody may not be in the best interest.

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9.23.2010 - More Progress with HB 1639 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As reported yesterday on PAFACE.ORG - HB 1639 has made it out of Judiciary committee.  Today it has been learned that its now in the Appropriations committee  (Thank you Robin Gilchrist - for the information).  This is great news for the progress of a new child parenting bill.  Stay tuned here for more breaking news when it happens on HB 1639.





HB 1639 has gone out of the Judiciary Committee on 9.21.2010 for its 'first consideration' in the State Senate .   Great news as a new child parenting bill is moving forward more than any other in the past legislative sessions.  Please stay tuned to PAFACE.ORG as the 'revised' bill will be read and broken down on the link HB1639 to the left.  We will let you know when it has been analyzed !!!

Thanks to Robin Gilchrist of PAFACE and F4JPA for this exciting news this morning!


6.14.2010 - HOUSE BILL 1639 moves to the State Senate with unanimous vote in the house today.  Pa is one step closer to laws that will make both parents equal.  Here is what the Associated Press (AP) has reported: