Helpful Links for more information on equal parenting issues.

Shared Parenting Plan - Stay out of court by agreeing

Creating a Plan by Age - Parent can agree between themselves without the expense of lawyers and courts. 

Online Learning for Children

Instilling Family Values in Children

How to Define Your Family Values

Sample Petitions, Motions, Forms, Papers, Documents


Appealing County Court's Decision

Appeals From Lower Courts

Children’s Fast Track and Other Family Fast Track Appeals - "eliminate unnecessary delay in the appellate process for cases involving children and provide an even more expedited process than the current Family Fast Track procedures ... custody, adoption, termination of parental rights, paternity, and dependency cases" 


Attorney's Guide to Beginning the Appellate Process (Document will download)


Steps to Appeal to Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (Document will download)


How Long Does Average Appeal Take?


Contact the PA Auditor General

If you think there's fraud in your courts, Children and Youth Agency, or other government agencies, contact the PA auditor general.

Children and Youth Agencies
Review cost reports for 67 county Children and Youth agencies to determine the proper use of state funds. The money is used to administer social services and to protect children and youth from abuse and neglect. 

Or you can contact the Department of Human Services Bureau of Child and Family Services for

Inspecting and monitoring regulated agencies for continual compliance;
Conducting complaint investigations to determine validity of allegations, and performing follow-up as needed

Robena Spangler, Director 
Bureau of Child and Family Services 
Tel: 717-787-4756


Educate Your Legislators

How to Communicate Effectively with Legislators

Find your legislator by your address, or Representative list or Senator list

Emails for all Senators

Emails for all Representatives


Attorneys Who Volunteer for Free

National Directory of Volunteer Attorneys (Document will download)

USA Lawyers Who Volunteer To Help Children (Document will download)

USA List of Law Centers To Help Children (Document will download)


Pennsylvania 211 - Complete list of agencies



Other Websites

Dad's Resource Center

Philadelphia's The Strong Families Commission

Americans for Equal Shared Parenting

Capitols for Kids

Fathers' Rights Movement

Custody and Support Assistance Clinic - Philadelphia Legal Assistance

Philadelphia VIP volunteer legal services

Philadelphia Bar Association

Temple Legal Aid Office


Bucks County Bar Association

Bar Association of Lehigh County

MidPenn Legal Services

NCSC - Legal Aid & Pro Bono Resource Guide

CLASP Policy Solutions That Work For Low-Income People

Law Guru Questions and Answers  - Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting


PACSES Child Support Dockets Page - Searchable database of all PA child support dockets.

Men’s Issues Page - A treasure trove of various information can be found in these archives.

Pending State Bills - View all the PA state bills, who supports them, and their status from within the House and Senate.

 SecondWivesClub - This site is to help aid women who enter marriage with a man from a previous marriage.  Helps with all related issues from working with step children, dealing with their new husband's ex, and so on.

New PA Support Guidelines - Information included at this site has been derived directly from the Pennsylvania Code, the Commonwealth’s official publication of rules and regulations. No statutes or acts will be found at this website.

The Divorce Page  - A website devoted to connecting you to the most valuable and comprehensive divorce related information on the Internet.

Fathering Magazine  - A magazine for men who value fathering.

American Coalition For Fathers & Children  - National Association based in Washington DC working for the parenting rights of fathers and the rights of children nationwide.

MenStuff.Org  - Menstuff is an educational nonprofit volunteer web site which serves a diverse men's community and is maintained by The National Men's Resource Center.  - Send your thoughts and wishes to your father, child, mother and everyone with this electronic card site.