Fraud, Forgery and Perjury

My son was born in 1999 in 2000 I found out his mother was cheating on me and asked her to leave. I visited my son on weekends and paid support in cash to his mother. In 2001 she asked me to stop visting my son and the reason was that his therapist said it was too much of an emotional strain on him every time I left. In 2003 my grandfather passed on and I received a little money and she found out, she immediately asked me to visit my son and to increase child support. I started seeing my son regulary again. In 2004 she complained about her living arrangements and that my son wouldn't have his own bedroom, she lived with her grandparents and younger sister in a 2 bedroom home. I made arrangements with her grandfather to fund the building of an extension on their home so my son would have his own room. A few months after I wrote the grandfather a check, my son's mother married a man and she and my son moved in with her new husband. The grandfather asked me what I wanted to do with the money and I like a fool put trust in this man and told him to save it for my son, as my son would need it one day.

In 2006 my son's mother told me one day when I was dropping my son off at her place that she took a few thousand out of my son's money for liposuction and that she would replace it. I contacted a lawyer and asked for advice, of course I got the third degree for not getting the money back immediately after she married. My son's mother asked