Child Support - Broken System - POLITICIANS PLEASE READ

I want eeveyone to know the following.

I chose to go through Domestic relations to minimize contact with my ex-wife and her ability to cause me problems with her erratic bahavior.   It was to offer myself some stability....or so I thought.

When my ex-wife and I went to/through Delaware County Domestic Relations for child support I was advised of the following.

Michele Mattera was the person from DDR who handled my case.  Mattra's father is the Deputy DA there, and since my ex-wife was involved with a local married politician, I became suspicious as to her assignment.

That has no bearing on what Mattera said at that meeting, and after.

We agreed that I should pay $800 per month.

I was advised that;

"the system is broken.   Period."

I had no idea as to what Mattra meant until after my FIRST month of support payments.

Out of each pay $366.22 was deducted.......And at the end of the first month I received in the mail a contempt order, and was advised that I was delinquent and was to appear in front of a Judge on such and such a date.

I was also served with an automatic increase in my bi-weekly payroll deduction to $405.00 per pay.

I called Mattera and asked her what was going on.  She only said the following - "I told you the system was broken, but I'll look into it"

She checked,