Best Ways To Find The Right Lawyer For You

Find the Right Family Lawyer
Find the Right Family Lawyer


Should You Represent Yourself?

Before you hire a lawyer, determine if it's even worth the money and trouble. Consider your situation, your capacity, and your chances of winning the hearing. Join our meeting to ask us this question so we can guide you. We've helped thousands, so we've learned a few things and a few tricks. We've seen millionaires throw away fortunes on lawyers, experts and courts only to get tricked. We'll let you know if you're getting tricked.

Sometimes it's better to represent yourself, if you can learn how, lookup and read the laws, and learn the tricks played.


Best Way : Ask Others

Ask Others
Ask Others

Ask others who've been through what you're going through. You'll find the inside scoop on who's good and who's not.  Parents who've been through family court can tell you what lawyers are forbidden to tell you.  Other parents can tell you really what happens inside a court room, outside a court room, and between lawyers. 

You can also verify what your attorney tells you.  For example, you want 50/50 custody but your lawyer tells you that's impossible, well just ask other parents to find out if that's true.

So come to our meeting.


Second Best Way : Court Watch

Court Watch to Observe Lawyers In Action
Court Watch to Observe Lawyers In Action

Court watch by going to the county where your case is.  Find out who your judge will be by looking at your paper work or calling your county family court office.  Then go to your judge's court room.  You can just sit quietly in the back to watch and listen.  Listen to which attorney seems to fit what what you need to get done.  After a few days of watching you'll know which attorney is right for you.   Then call them up to ask the questions below.

Come to our meetings so we can get you ready for court watching.



Third Best Way : Call


Call your local attorneys with specific, hard hitting questions like
- How often do you win 50-50 child custody?
- How quickly can you get this done?
- How much will it cost?

Of course, the attorney will dodge these questions, but that's where your ability to figure out who's worth hiring will come be important.  Ask a friend to join you when you call.

Come to our meetings so we can get you ready for asking the right questions so you can know what to listen for.


Fourth Best Way : Volunteer Attorneys


Volunteer Attorneys donate their time and knowledge so most likely money isn't their main cause, justice is.  See our lists of volunteer attorneys.


Fifth Best Way : Find Out If He Wins

Find out if the attorney you're interested in wins appellate cases (the court higher than your county family court).  These higher court decisions are available online so you filter them with your prospective attorney's name then read if they won or lost.  In the first paragraph or two look for the words like "reverse" or "remand" or "affirm".  Your prospective attorney won ... if he was the appellant and the words are remand or reverse; or if he was the appellee and the words are affirm.

Click here to start, then type the exact first name middle initial and last name.  Put quotes around the name to narrow down exactly, if you get no results then remove the quotes.


Trust Your Lawyer, Before and After Hiring
Trust Your Lawyer, Before and After Hiring


Before You Hire An Attorney


  • Make a fee agreement that works for you
  • Make a list of goals you want from them
  • Learn how long it took others to get things done



After You Hire An Attorney


  • Keep them on track to win for you
  • Make them win for you
  • Remind them of your goals
  • Remind them of your fee agreement
  • Ask them hard questions
  • Verify what they are saying is true by asking others
  • Court watch to observe your attorney in action
  • Court watch to learn how other attorneys win
  • Learn the secret codes attorneys use in court to let judges know what they don't want you to know
  • Learn how to stop them from giving you the silent treatment, once they get your money


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